Product description

Nizagara is another drug that is effective for treating different sexual dysfunctions among men. About 30% of men suffer from different sexual dysfunctions in the US. Most of the males use these medicines to keep their sexual activities alive. Nizagara is the same as that of Viagra. The manufacturer company for nizagara is Combitic Global. The most significant ingredient in all of these drugs is Sildenafil citrate. This ingredient helps to reverse the action of PDE5 enzyme.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

Nizagara is an anti-erectile dysfunction drug.

  • This drug works with the sildenafil citrate, which relaxes the muscles around male genital organs./li>
  • The relaxation of muscles leads to vasodilation (expansion of the blood vessels)/li>
  • Vasodilation lets more blood flow inside the genital areas to support erection

The working or response of the drug can come in about 35 to 40 minutes after the administration. The effect of nizagara drug can stay for about 5 to 6 hours. In some cases, it can even stay for more hours. Other than sildenafil citrate, nizagara also contains some other ingredients as:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic acid
  • Adermin
  • L-arginine
  • Redberry

These ingredients help to speed up certain body processes and improve body functions.
Indications of the drug:
The most common indications of nizagara are for the individuals suffering from:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pulmonary arterial hypertension

How can you take the drug?

Most of the drugs to improve sexual performance are in the form of tablets.

  • You can take a whole tablet of nizagara with a glass of water.
  • Do not overdose the drug to more than 100 mg in one da.y
  • The most reasonable dosage of nizagara is 25mg in one day.
  • Make sure to keep the consumption of your water high while taking these drugs.
  • High water content inside the body can save you from side effects as hypotension, dizziness, and lightheadedness.
  • Do not consume any of the drugs without the supervision of your physician.
  • If you observe any allergic reaction, immediately stop the intake and refer to your doctor.

Posology and Dosage

Nizagara drug is available in three strengths:

  • Nizagara 25 mg
  • Nizagara 50 mg
  • Nizagara 100 mg

There should be a regulation or monitoring with the use of nizagara drug.

  • You should not use the drug more than once in one day.
  • The beginning or average dosage for bringing the effects is 25 mg.
  • You can increase the dosage according to your needs.
  • Make sure not to increase the dosage from 100 mg in one day or 24 hours.
  • You can consume the nizagara tablet 30-45 minutes before performing sexual activities.
  • You should not use this drug daily rather use it when you need it.
  • The effect of nizagara can stay for 5 to 6 hours (maximum)

Side-effects of the drug

Like other drugs, there are several side-effects of nizagara as:

  • Pain in the upper back
  • Nausea, vomiting, and dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Flushing or redness of the face
  • Increase in coughing
  • Irregularities in your heartbeat
  • Stomach upsets
  • Headaches and lightheadedness
  • Erection can stay for even more than four hours in some cases
  • Myalgia and muscle aches


Product description

Cenforce is a PDE inhibitor medicine (oral therapy), which has an active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. This ingredient selectively inhibits cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate)- specific phosphodiesterase type 5.The production of this started from an Indian pharmaceutical company Fortune Health Care. Cenforce is popular among males to improve their sexual health.Cenforce medicine is accessible in different quantities, which you can consume according to your requirements.

Pharmacological properties

The cenforce medicine serves to:

  • Lower your blood pressure while interacts with the patient’s blood vessels, and results in relaxation of the vasculature
  • An effective component presents in this drug, Sildenafil Citrate, stimulates the body to improve the circulation of blood towards reproductive organs. In the case of erectile dysfunction, this drug helps to prolong the periods of erection more than the normal
  • Cenforce has no aphrodisiac activity. Rather, it smoothens or relaxes the muscle surrounding the male organ. This relaxation allows the expansion of the vessels lining the area for taking in a larger amount of blood. This blood circulation then gives rise to male erections and arousals
  • The impact of this drug occurs in 30-60 minutes after the training
  • If the consumption of this drug is with or after the feast (shortly), then it can prolong preparation time for the drug
  • The outcome of a drug stays for five hours
  • Cenforce is a medicine for the treatment of disorsders regarding sexual impotence, but it cannot prolong the time of intimate activities.

How should you take this medicine?

  • Take (100 mg) Cenforce (one pill) with water glass
  • Do not crush the pill or chew it
  • Consume medicine according to the prescription from the doctors or health care providers
  • If you plan of any sexual activity, then you should take this drug 45 minutes before because it uses this time to act in the body
  • You need to keep an urge for these activities if you want to benefit from this drug maximally


The common uses are:

  • Sexual dysfunctions as (ED)
  • Pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • ED due to excessive alcohol use or smoking

Posology and Dosage

Cenforce is in different quantities as:

  • 100 mg (Cenforce)
  • 150 mg (Cenforce)
  • 200 mg (Cenforce)

In the beginning, you must start with polka 75mg drug before indulging in any sexual activity. If you do not get your effects, then you can increase the dosage according to prescriptions. Anyone suffering from hypotension or hypotension, heart issues, kidney problems, and blood coagulation issues should not conusme (Cenforce) 150 mg.


There is a long list of adverse effects from using this drug. The most common adverse effects are:

  • Nervousness and confusion
  • Lightheadedness, nausea, and dizziness
  • Problems with sleeping
  • Digestive disorders
  • Throat dryness and excessive thirst
  • Increase in body sweating
  • Rise in blood pressure
  • Flushing (face)
  • A tingling sensation in the body/ numbness
  • Ringing or Buzzing sounds in your ears
  • A swift rise in heart rate or irregularity of heartbeat
  • Muscular pain or myalgia
  • Vision blurring


Product description

Fildena is a drug to treat different sexual problems in men. Men are more prone to sexual dysfunctions due to increasing age, workload, and psychological disorders. This drug, like other ones, belongs to the family, which inhibits the action of PDE5. These enzymes do not allow the genital organs (penis) to take in enough blood during circulation. Fildena is the most cost-effective drug, which makes it more favorable for use.

Pharmacological properties

Fildena works in the body by two mechanisms:

  • Inhibition of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase-5) enzyme through activation of sildenafil citrate
  • Vasodilation of the blood vessels around the genital organs

In the first step, Fildena inhibits the action of PDE5 on body muscle and genitals. This enzyme causes restriction of blood flow to the genital muscles. Fildena causes relaxation of the muscles, which leads to vasodilation of the vasculature. As a result of vasodilation, the blood supply to organs increases, resulting in more circulation to the male penis, an increase in blood supply causes an erection. The working time of the medicine is from 30 to 45 minutes. You can observe the working of this medicine for 5 to 6 hours. This medicine is a safe drug for health if you take it in appropriate dosages.

Indications of the drug:

Fildena drug helps individuals suffering from:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction can be due to multiple reasons as trauma, physiological disease, and psychological disorders. If the only cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological, then you will need psychological counseling along with the medication.
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Low libido
  • Weak sexual activities

How can you use it?

  • You should take this medicine before an hour of sexual activities
  • But you can also take it in half an hour to four hours before sexual activities
  • The effect of Fildena drug can stay for up to 6 hours after its administration
  • You can consume it along with your food or without it
  • But try to avoid its consumption along with heavy or high-fat food. High-fat content can make the absorption of the drug inside the bloodstream difficult.
  • You can use this drug only once in one day or period of 24 hours
  • The best way to consume Fildena tablets is with water.

Keep your water intake high while consuming sexual potency medicines. The reason for this high intake is that it can save you from dizziness, lightheadedness, and headaches.

Posology and Dosage

The Fildena drug comes in different dosages as:

  • Fildena 25 mg
  • Fildena 50mg
  • Fildena 100 mg
  • Fildena 150 mg
  • Fildena 200 mg

It is a fast-acting and super digestible drug with active tablets.

  • Make sure to keep the dosage of Fildena in optimal ranges
  • You can start with 25 mg and increase the dose according to your need
  • Do not increase the dose from 100 mg in one day

Side-effects of the drug

The most common side-effects of Fildena drug are:

    • Headaches
    • Troubles with breathing and sleeping
    • Stomach upset and indigestion
    • Rhinorrhea
    • Back pain (upper back)
    • Nasal congestion
    • Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting
    • Tingling sensations or numbness in the body
    • Ringing in the ears
    • Heartbeat irregularities

Kamagra Oral Jelly

Product description

Kamagra (Oral Jelly) is a useful medicine to treat Erectile Dysfunction(ED). The Kamagra (Oral Jelly) is simple to consume, unlike tough capsules to consume. You can easily squeeze this jelly and eat it comfortably. The manufacturer of Kamagra (Oral Jelly) is from (Ajanta Pharma). Kamagra (Oral Jelly) medicine is available in different qualities and quantities, including several fruity flavors. Sildenafil citrate is an effective ingredient present in Kamagra mango, belonging to the inhibitors of the PDE-5 family. This medicine results in vasodilation throughout the muscles, which can make the erection possible. You cannot use Kamagra (Oral Jelly) as an aphrodisiac because it can not help you in sexual arousal.

Pharmacological properties of Kamagra Oral Jelly:

The action of Kamagra oral jelly is to inhibit the PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme restricts the blood flow to the genital organs. Kamagra jelly helps with the relaxation of muscle like other drugs.

The benefit of Kamagra jelly over other drugs is:

  • It has more absorption speed in the body than other drugs
  • It can give a response in less time as 20 minutes after the administration
  • It has a treatment time of about 4 to 6 hours

Indications of Kamagra (Oral Jelly):
The most common indications of Kamagra (Oral Jelly) is ED in the older and young male population. ED can be due to:

  • Aging (vasoconstriction)
  • Underlying diseases (obesity, BPH, prostate cancer, hypertension, diabetes)
  • Any trauma or injury (spinal cord injury)
  • Psychological factors as an emotional disorder, anxiety, and depression
  • Use of different medications, which contain Finasteride
  • Idiopathic

How can you take this medicine?

You can take this medicine in the following manners:

  • Make sure to stay in safe limits of the drug as 100 mg in 24 hours
  • This medicine will start showing its action in 20 minutes after administration
  • The treatment time for this drug is four to six hours
  • You must consume plenty of water with this drug
  • Avoid heavy meals and fatty food while consuming this drug

Posology or Dosage:

Kamagra medicine is available in the form of small sachets. Each pack contains sildenafil citrate (100 mg), which is an appropriate approach for ED.
Do not take this drug regularly; rather, consume it when you need it.

  • You must make sure to consume one dose of (100 mg) or two dosages of (50 mg) Kamagra (Oral Jelly) within one day
  • Only 1 application of Kamagra (Oral Jelly) will be enough before half an hour to perform your intimate activities
  • Kamagra (Oral Jelly) is not in the form of pills so, and you would not to swallow it with water. But while consuming these medicines, you must keep your water consumption high.

Adverse effects of Kamagra (Oral Jelly)

The common side-effects are:

  • Pain in the low back
  • Headaches
  • Congestion (Nasopharyngitis)
  • Rhinorrhea
  • Dyspepsia
  • Diarrhea and flushing of the face
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness and nausea

If you have heart disease, renal issues, and pregnancy, then avoid Kamagra (Oral Jelly)because it can cause:

  • Arrhythmia
  • Pain chest
  • Cardiac failure


Product description

Another term for Silagra is Viagra. Silagra includes Sildenafil as an effective ingredient (100 mg).The manufacturers of this medicine are Cipla Pharmaceuticals.Silagra is an anti-erectile dysfunction medicine, which inhibits is a Phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor (PDE5).

Pharmacological properties

  • Silagra (100 mg) pills include sildenafil, which directly tissues of the genital organ (penis) in males.
  • This action results in a rise in the flow of blood, which causes an erection while going through the phase of stimulation (stimulation), the nitric oxide (NO) release causes the activation of the GC (guanylate cyclase) enzyme.
  • Guanylate cyclase helps to improve the cGMP levels (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) and help to slacken the vasculature in genital organs
  • Silagra drug prevents the discharge of PDE5 (it results in the restriction of the flow of blood to the genital organs)

The effect of this drug results for about 4 hours. If you plan for any intimate activity, then you must take the drug an hour before the activity. In most of the cases, this drug starts its action within thirty minutes of the initial treatment. Silagra medicine is not effective if you don’t feel sexually active.

How can you take the drug?

  • You should consume the drug before one hour of the actual activity.
  • Consume it with one water glass
  • Try to consume the medicine without taking meals because it can act better on the body
  • If you ate a big feast ere consumption of the medicine, it would take more time to act for the drug
  • You must not consume the drug on daily schedules
  • Only consume one pill a day if you have to perform any intimate activity
  • You must try to store the medicine in a cool and dry area with a temperature of less than 30 C.

The most common indications for Silagra are:
• ED (Erectile dysfunction)
• Sexual problems in males
• PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension)

Posology and Dosage

We do not have any standard dosage for the Silagra medicines.

    • You can consume (Silagra 100 mg) if you plan to perform any intimate activity
    • You must not consume > one pill in 24 hours
    • If you face overdose, you should refer to your physician for the additional guidance
    • Patients suffering from CAD and hypotension/hypertension must avoid the drug
    • Individuals who are regular alcohol consumers should avoid its use as it can interfere with the drug’s mechanism of action
    • If you are consuming the food high in calories or fat, you must wait for the complete digestion before taking medicine
    • Avoid taking medicines which contain nitrate as it can interact with the drug

Side-effects of the Silagra

    • Silagra is the anti-erectile dysfunction drug, which helps to combat sexual problems among men.

But there are some side-effects from the use of Silagra as:

  • Flushing or redness of the face
  • Sleeplessness due to use of the drug
  • Stomach upset and indigestion
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Cloudy urine or blood in the urine
  • Numbness or tingling/burning sensation in extremities and arms
  • Pain during erection and urination
  • Disturbance regarding vision (blurriness, color defects)
  • Excessive tears from the eyes
  • Congestion of nasal pathways


Product description

Tadacip is a medicine for treating ED or impotence among men. Tadacip contains active ingredient tadalafil. Tadalafil is a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a condition that can make a man impotent to keep a penile erection to perform sexual intercourse. The reason for this dysfunction is less flow of blood to male genitals.Tadacip tablet is not useful for protecting against sexually transmitted diseases as HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis. If erectile dysfunction is due to psychological cause, then Tadacip cannot help to relieve it completely.

Pharmacological properties

The plasma peak of tadalafil is in one-two hours of fasting.

  • The liver metabolizes the drug
  • The half-life for urinary elimination is 17 hours
  • Bilio-fecal elimination (80%)

Tadacip works by:

  • Tadacip reacts with the nitric oxide (after the stimulation of genital areas)
  • Relaxation of muscle around male genital organs
  • Prevention of Phosphodiesterase-5 to act in the body
  • Increase n the amount of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) in the body
  • Increase in cGMP leads to the relaxation of smooth muscle inside the blood vasculature
  • In the end, it increases the blood flow to the genital organs and excitement during the sexual activities

Tadacip medicine starts showing its effects within 30-60 minutes of the administration. The effect of the drug can stay for 36 to 40 hours after administration.

How can you use this drug?

Tadacip comes in the form of tablets; therefore, you can swallow it with the help of water.

  • Take one pill of Tadacip 20mg with one glass of the water
  • Avoid taking medicine while consuming alcohol because it can cause dizziness or headaches
  • You can take this drug before one to two hours of sexual activities for best performance

Indications of the drug:

These are the most common indications for the use of Tadacip are:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction as a result of any physical injury or physiological problem as neuropathy, diabetes, cancer, smoking, and alcohol use is manageable. If the only cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological, then you need to have psychological counseling to achieve the results.

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • In case of symptoms as:

    • Frequent urination
    • Enlargement of the prostate gland
    • Pain and difficulty in urination

    Tadacip can help to relieve these symptoms.

    Posology & Dosage:

    Tadacip 20 mg is the starting dose for treating sexual dysfunctions among men.

    • You must take one tablet daily
    • Do not double the dose if you forgot to take the medicine
    • Keep a schedule not to overdo the dose
    • If you experience any problem regarding your medicine and its reactions, immediately stop the dosage and refer to your physician

    Side-effects of Tadacip:

    All the drugs which are helpful to treat sexual dysfunctions can cause adverse effects.
    The most common side-effects of Tadacip are:

    • Skin conditions as blistering or peeling of skin
    • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
    • Change in the vision (blurry vision) or color
    • Loss or decrease in hearing sensation
    • Coughing and flushing of the skin
    • Dizziness or lightheadedness
    • Difficulty with breathing and sleeping
    • Swelling of extremities, tongue, face, eyelids, and lips
    • Painful erection


    Priligy is one of the most effective drugs on the world market for prolonging sexual intercourse. According to world statistics, premature ejaculation occurs in every 4th adult man. While this problem is not fatal, it significantly reduces the quality of life. First, sexual life becomes inferior and this leads to problems in the relationship with women, which in turn causes psychological discomfort and can even lead to deep depression. The effect of Priligyu does not require accumulation, that is, the result is noticeable from the first tablet. The active substances that make up the drug help to delay ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse by 350-400%.

    Working principle

    In 90% of men with premature ejaculation, the disease has a psychological basis and only 10% of the problem is associated with organic conditions, such as inflammatory processes in the gonads, prostatitis, colitis, etc. If the patient has no physiological problems, only a functional disorder, then taking dapoxetine is effective. The main active substance of this drug causes such changes in the body of men:

      • Inhibits abnormal activity in the cerebral cortex.
      • It has a silky and soothing effect.
      • Increases secretion of testosterone in the blood (it gives confidence)
      • Relieves nervous tension and normalizes the work of the nervous system
      • It increases the production of endorphins (it gives a good mood)
      • Excipients that are part of drugs containing dapoxetine promote a pleasant feeling during sexual intercourse. It is important that dapoxetine is taken with pills that enhance sexual desire or have a positive effect on erectile function in men. So you can have a double effect: a good erection and long lasting sex.

    How should this medicine be used and dosage

    Take a tablet with a small amount of water, without chewing, 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse. The effect of dapoxetine lasts for 4-6 hours. Do not take two tablets at the same time to increase effectiveness – you cannot take more than two tablets a day, as this can lead to serious health problems. The optimal regularity of the drug is 2-3 times a week. Using Priligy 30 depends on the direction of the problem. To prevent premature ejaculation – half a tablet per day. The course lasts 30 days.
    Empty – half a tablet per day. In order not to stop for a long time and to prolong sex – 60 mg per day
    As an antidepressant and treatment for depression, 30-60 mg of the substance per day, depending on body weight. For best effect, it is recommended not to eat food an hour before taking the drug. Priligy 30 mg is ideal for use with several known erectile dysfunction medications. Priligy is not intended for continuous daily use. Priligy should only be taken in case of alleged sexual intercourse. The drug should not be taken after more than 24 hours.

    Side effects

    Individual reactions to dapoxetine may include:

    • High bloodpressure.
    • Arrhythmia.
    • Hard breathing.
    • Nausea.
    • Headache.
    • Violation of visual interactions.
    • Allergic rash.

    If the patient has side effects from the drug, it should be discontinued. Priligy is completely excreted after 6-8 hours. In overdose, vomiting, increased irritation, panic attacks and pain may occur in the upper right quadrant.


    Suhagra is a generic drug with a chemical composition similar to conventional Viagra. Accordingly, it has the same positive effect on the man’s body, enhances blood circulation in the pelvic organs, improves erection and increases the ability to be an active partner for 5-6 hours, turning it into an object of desire for orgasm and inexpressible pleasure. The advantage and hallmark of the classics are lower costs. Suhagra 100 mg is a qualitative analogue with a chemical composition similar to conventional Viagra. This drug will help you with any reason for the lack of an erection, whether psychological or physiological, it does not matter. Suhagra has a positive effect on the man’s body, enhances blood circulation in the pelvic organs, improves erection for up to 4-5 hours, and also improves the quality of orgasm. The main advantage of the drug is the minimum cost.

    Pharmacological properties


    The volume of distribution of sugars in equilibrium is an average of 105 liters.

    The connection with the plasma proteins of sugars and its main circulating N-demethylated metabolite is approximately 96% and does not depend on the total concentration of the drug. 90 minutes after ingestion of suhagra, less than 0.0002% of the dose was found in semen (an average of 188 ng).


    Suhagra is metabolized mainly in the liver by the action of microsomal isoenzymes of cytochrome P450: CYP3A4 (main pathway) and CYP2C9. The main circulating active metabolite, formed as a result of N-demethylation of sugars, undergoes further metabolism. The concentration of metabolism in blood plasma is about 40% of the concentration of sugars.


    The total clearance of sugars from the body is 41 l / h, and the final half-life is 3-5 hours. After ingestion, sugars are excreted in the form of metabolites mainly with feces (approximately 80% of the dose) and to a lesser extent with urine (approximately 13% of the dose). The main active ingredient in Sahagra is suhagra, which increases the erection in men with sexual disorders. An auxiliary component – dapoxetine – prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse, preventing premature ejaculation. Both components do not adversely affect the male reproductive system. The action of the substance is aimed at relaxing the muscles and expanding the blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the genitals and improving the quality of the erection. The components further increase the perception and sharpness of sensations. After oral administration, the drug acts for 5 hours and can cause up to 6 erections with an interval of 20-40 minutes. It does not affect libido, therefore sexual arousal is necessary for the effect to occur.

    How should this medicine be used and dosage

    Suhagra 50 mg is available in tablet form for oral administration. The standard dose is 1 tablet. Take the drug at least half an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. Dosage may be changed on the recommendation of a doctor. The recommended minimum dose is 25 mg and the maximum is 100 mg. It is not recommended to exceed this value due to the possible occurrence of side effects.


    While taking Suhagra, do not use painkillers, sleeping pills, or other psychotropic drugs. Cannot be combined with alcohol and nitrates.
    Suhagra tablets should not be taken in men with severe cardiovascular disease, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, mitral valve prolapse, or high blood pressure.
    Men with liver disease – with cirrhosis, ulcer, epilepsy, migraine symptoms and severe signs of anatomical abnormalities of the penis should be examined by a doctor before using the tablets.

    Side Effects

    Using Suhagra tablets is not addictive and never causes serious side effects.
    If an overdose of the drug leads to a strong non-decreasing erection, try to take as much fluid as possible (2/3 liters of water) over the next few hours, this will reduce the pathogenic symptom.
    Discuss further medications with your doctor.


    Description and pharmacological properties

    Green colored tablets, diamond-shaped, film-coated, engraved with “scars” on one side and “KGR 100” on the other, from 14.2 to 14.4 in length mm, width from 10.2 to 10.4 mm (for a dose of 100 mg). After taking the drug, sildenafil is rapidly absorbed. As a general rule, the main cause of impotence is inadequate blood supply to the cavernous bodies. Violation can be triggered by stress factors, nervous and physical stress, various diseases. In each of these cases, an active blood supply to the vessels is required to eliminate impotence or sexual weakness. If you buy Kamagra 100 tablets, you can do this quickly and efficiently. The medication eliminates vasospasm and smooth muscle tension. This effect is achieved due to the successful inhibition of phosphodiesterase. In the presence of stimulatory stimulation, the penis fills with blood and reaches a rapidly erect state. Sexual intercourse takes place in standard mode, ending with ejaculation. In the future, if desired, a man may continue to have sex, after which he will hold a respite for a few minutes.  Sildenafil is 96% bound to plasma proteins. Protein binding is independent of the total concentration of sildenafil. Sildenafil is metabolized in the liver. The main circulating metabolite undergoes further metabolism. According to the selectivity of the effect, the metabolite is comparable to sildenafil and its in vitro activity is approx. 50% of the activity of sildenafil itself.


    In many cases, it helps to tackle erectile dysfunction, but not always and not at all. Sildenafil citrate helps to dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow to the penis, and achieve an erection in response to sexual stimulation. But it should be remembered that the substance itself may not cause erection if there is no natural attraction for the couple. Kamagra can be taken without regard to food intake, but its effect may be slower if you only ate well and then took a pill. This medication should be taken approximately one hour before sexual intercourse. You should not combine the intake of Kamagra with grapefruit or grapefruit juice, as this may interfere with the normal effect of the medicine. It is recommended not to take more than 1 50 mg tablet per day. Day. If you haven’t had an erection for a long time, you can have several attempts to achieve it, even with Kamagra. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can also make an erection difficult.

    How should this medicine be used?

    In case of erectile dysfunction characterized by inability to obtain or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for a satisfactory sexual relation. Kamagra is effective only in the presence of sexual stimulation. Despite the high effectiveness of sildenafil, a certain number of patients remain with those whose use of this drug does not lead to an improvement in erection. In many cases, this is due to an incorrect drug. Patients, especially at the beginning of treatment, should be advised to take sildenafil on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before sexual activity begins. It is also important to make it clear to patients that the effect of the drug develops only on the basis of appropriate sexual arousal and is largely dependent on it. In many cases, treatment should start with 100 mg, providing the maximum response at the start of the treatment and inspiring patients with confidence in the treatment. Moreover, studies have shown that in some patients the maximum effect of sildenafil is achieved between 6 and 8 doses, and therefore, in many patients, a final evaluation of the efficacy of the drug should be made after several attempts to use it. .

    Side effects

    Side effects from taking Kamagra are generally rare and short-lived. Very often men experience dizziness, headaches, and redness. It is worth noting that this drug has undergone several clinical trials. In the implementation process, it was found that the intensity of the manifestation and the duration of the side effects largely depend on the dose of the drug and on the individual characteristics of the body for a particular patient, like:

    – spatial disorientation (dizziness), tinnitus

    – tachycardia, palpitations

    – arterial hypertension, arterial hypotension

    kamagra pills– nosebleeds, sinuses

    – upper abdominal pain, gastroesophageal reflux disease, vomiting, dry mouth

    – hyperemia, hot flashes

    – color distortion of vision, visual disturbance, blurred vision

    – acute stroke, transient ischemic attack, seizures *, relapse of a seizure *, fainting

    – nasal congestion

    – dyspepsia, nausea

    – oral hyperesthesia

    – sudden cardiac death, heart attack

    – feeling of tightness in the throat, swelling of the nose, dryness of the nasal mucosa

    – bleeding from the penis, increased erection irritability

    In addition, the following negative phenomena can be observed in patients who are extremely rare: a feeling of heat (such as an increase in body temperature), local pain, increased irritability, fatigue and general weakness, swelling of the face, chills, pain in the the chest. It is important to report suspected adverse reactions identified after registration of the drug. This allows you to continue monitoring the relationship between the benefits and risks of the medication.

    Malegra DXT – Viagra with antidepressant

    Description and pharmacological properties

    The medicine Malegra DXT provides a complex effect on a man’s body, eliminating the symptoms associated with manifestations of sexual disorders. The drug is a product of Indian manufacture. In developing their formula, pharmacologists used a winning combination of two components: duloxetine and sildenafil. The quality of the effect of the drug and its effectiveness have caused a great demand for tablets worldwide. Malegra dxt drug has a powerful effect on potency. It combines the action of 30 mg of duloxetine, a prolongator of sexual intercourse, effectively inhibiting the appearance of ejaculation, and 100 mg of sildenafil, a regulator of erectile function, which stimulates the appearance of a strong and stable erection. An additional effect of therapy is a strengthening effect on the nervous system. Inhibition of serotonin re-uptake (the effect of duloxetine) helps to eliminate anxiety, fear, and depressive disorders. Having sex in this regard is done without tension or fear of panic, which interferes with relaxation and enjoyment. Sildenafil inhibits the influence of the PDE-5 enzyme, which blocks the production of cGMP. This increases the production of nitric oxide, expanding the arterioles of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. Malegra works in response to sexual stimulation. Duloxetine selectively inhibits the absorption of norepinephrine and serotonin, thus preventing the premature appearance of ejaculation. DXT also has all the effects of an antidepressant. The combined use of sildenafil and duloxetine allows for prolonged sexual intercourse, delayed ejaculation time and increased satisfaction of sexual intimacy for a long time.

    How should this medicine be used?

    Taking pills effectively affects men facing a complex disorder that affects both erectile and ejaculatory function. The active components of the remedy eliminate the causes of negative symptoms, starting the natural stabilization mechanism of organic processes. Given the details of the action, it is recommended to buy Malegra DXT for men who have pronounced pathologies of the reproductive system:

    • Trouble achieving and maintaining an erection
    • Impotence symptoms
    • Reactive ejaculation, not subject to volitional control
    • Ending before sexual contact
    • Admission recommendations


    MALEGRA DXT will not be the compatibility with:

    • Other nitrate-containing medicines
    • Simultaneous reception of data leads to a hypertensive crisis, which will be very problematic to stop
    • With individual intolerance to one of the components of the drug
    • If you have severe forms of heart failure, myocardial infarction, strokes, and severe arrhythmias, taking the drug is not recommended
    • Severe pathology of the liver and kidneys
    • Blood diseases
    • Severe forms of angina pectoris and coronary heart disease
    • The arrhythmias, heart attack or stroke, suffered less than 7 months
    • Anatomical deformities of the penis, priapism
    • Severe pathology of the kidneys and liver
    • Retinitis pigmentosa
    • Allergy to any component of Malegra DXT
    • Glaucoma
    • Sickle cell anemia
    • Medicines used to treat hypertension

    Schedule and dosage

    The recommended daily dose of Malegra DXT Plus for use is 70 mg (half a tablet). The maximum dose of the drug is 140 mg (one tablet). Taking more dose of the drug will not improve its effect, but it may cause some unwanted effects. The drug should be taken about an hour before the alleged intimate relationship. The medicine should be taken indoors while it is recommended to drink it with water. Malegra-DXT Plus lasts 4 to 6 hours. Note that this substance and alcohol should not be combined as this may have negative consequences. The greatest effect of the drug is achieved when taken on an empty stomach.

    Side effects

    Malegra DXT is the latest development in pharmaceutical field, so you can be sure of its safety and the least possible side effect. The tool is designed to provide high quality natural erections as well as prevent premature ejaculation. The drug does not affect the observed sperm, hormonal background or central nervous system, so it can cause mild short-term side effects.

    • Headache and hot flashes
    • Anemia, leukopenia
    • Thirst, bloating, gout
    • Blurred vision, visual impairment, cyanopsy
    • Sudden decrease or loss of hearing, tinnitus, tinnitus
    • Drowsiness, migraine, ataxia, hypertonicity, neuralgia
    • Nasal congestion
    • Dyspepsia
    • Back pain
    • Nausea, diarrhea, decreased appetite
    • Insomnia sedation
    • Sweating
    • 2mm increase in blood pressure<
    • Difficulty urinating
    • Cramps, mania, suicidal thoughts
    • Weight gain
    • Sedation