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" Nilo-Net is crucial for our daily lives, as everything from our kids' homework to official tasks relies on a good internet connection. The internet's importance is growing rapidly, offering new opportunities for learning and development. The internet is expanding fast, providing chances for students, job seekers, and professionals to acquire new skills. Choosing a reliable internet service provider like Nilo-Net is essential for ensuring the best service and customer satisfaction in this ever-growing digital world."

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Nima Lotey is internationally and locally certified in both Fiber Optics and networking, showcasing a comprehensive expertise in the field.


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Nilonet holds both internal and local affiliations and memberships.

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Our team of professionals is dedicated to assisting customers in obtaining the best internet services in the area. We provide high-speed connectivity at competitive rates in the market. Our technical experts possess in-depth knowledge and will recommend a plan tailored to meet both your work requirements and your family's needs. In the event of any disruptions, our team will promptly address and resolve issues by visiting your home at the earliest convenience.

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Empowering connections, our team of experts ensures top-notch internet experiences with speed, affordability, and dedicated support.

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Our clients are not just transactions; they are the heartbeat of our purpose. Without them, we are not here. In every service, in every moment, it's their stories that shape our journey, and their satisfaction that fuels our commitment to excellence.