About Us

Welcome to Nima Lotey Fiber Service

As we are moving towards modernization, every household or work space demands one mandatory service, that is connectivity. Be it internet, TV or cable, every service requires one constant mode for networking that is fiber. Nima Lotey Fiber Services is the leading service providers in Bhutan. Since inception, we are a dedicated team of professionals in terms of management, handling and maintenance. We deal with a comprehensive and three-level services namely fiber products, connectivity and networking. Our products include Fiber Cable, Patchcord, Enclosure, Media converter, tools and toolkit, fiber connectors, etc. Fiber Network service include OTDR rental, Fusion Splicing rental, Test Equipment rentals and Calibration. We provide solutions on Fiber Network designing like GPON networks, Passive Fiber optic cable network.

Our company deal with supply, installation and commissioning of various fiber Network solution like custom designing, implementation of fiber networks to our customers. At the end of the day, we strive too match our client expectations by providing a holistic range of services within a budget.

We are also working with all the cable operators (LCO'S) in Bhutan, for installation MSO Digital Headend and connection to the Local Cable Operator


  • Provide optic fiber installation and maintenance services to the clients at affordable cost all round the clock.
  • Generate employment opportunities for at least 10 unemployed youth of the country in the first year of its operation.
  • Provide high quality fiber optic products and cable TV equipment and services readily available to the clients.