Our Premium Offerings

We ensure our customers obtain the highest quality service to fulfil their requirements.

  • Technological Promise
  • Secured Service
  • Splunk Management
  • Protected Surfing
  • Assessment Services

Technological Promise

Our team of experts are here to guide our customers to make them get top class internet facility in the region. We offer blazing speed at the most affordable tariff plans in the market.

Our technical analysts are knowledgeable and will suggest you choose your desired plan that will both suit your work schedule as well as fulfil all of your family needs. If any disturbance occurs, our team will reach your home at the quickest to resolve your issues as soon as possible.


Secured Service

We, at NILO Fiber Net, care for our customer base. And when they are committing to our service, it becomes our responsibility to offer them the best possible service possible. Secure transactions, premium bandwidth at the best affordable price are our USPs.

We make the internet surfing goes through secured internet protocols to ensure customers’ privacy. Apart from focusing on the performance side, maintaining privacy is a major side to keep customers happy and satisfied with your service.


Splunk Management

NILO Fiber Net focuses on advanced mechanisms like Splunk Management as well. We have initialized this service to help our customers with business analytics, diagnosing and solving various issues etc.

Splunk gathers machine data to observe and follow several data patterns to help our customers get an easier route to complete their works. It follows a certain pattern and omits the redundancy in work and suggests new and hassle-free ways to fulfil the daily works.


Protected Surfing

The internet is filled with viruses and malware. If you are not aware of these things, your computer can get easily get affected by various dangerous sites. At NILO Fiber Net, we ensure our customers receive a safe and secured surfing experience.

We make sure to block most of the dangerous sites that can cause issues to the system. Thus, a newcomer too can surf freely to explore the wide range of possibilities in the world of the internet.


Assessment Services

Maintaining our privacy protocols, our team of professionals ensure to deliver seamless and blazingly fast internet service to our customer base. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure an effortless internet service to them.

Following several captchas, search histories – we try to assess the customer's needs and as a result, try to suggest similar websites and articles related to the topic to reduce the surfing time for our customers and ease the whole process of exploring the internet.


Our Service Plans

At NILO Fiber Net, we have a wide range of services dedicated to fulfilling the needs and demands of various fields of people.

Top of the line Proficiency

Our team of professionals ensure to deliver you an impeccable service experience.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our professionals are available to provide you with suitable service to fulfil your needs and requirements.

Lightning Quick Internet

To complete your work in the shortest span possible, you need to avail the superfast internet facility from NILO Fiber Net.

Seamless Download/Upload

Media consumption plays a crucial role but We make sure no difficulties occur while downloading or uploading your media files.

Affordable Prices

We believe if our customers are giving their hard-earned money to us, it is our responsibility to offer them the best service.

Quality Products

The fibers that get used are of the highest quality to offer a smooth and hassle-free surfing experience.

Effortless Experience

With NILO, you will experience far less obstructions and help you to have a flawless experience.

2000 +

Wide Audience

1000 +

Team of Professionals


Cyber Security Experts

250 +

Secure Internet

Distinctive from the others

You have to set unique feats to keep yourself apart from the competition.

  • Experienced Professionals
  • Threat Detection
  • Industry Standards Service
  • 24x7 Helpline

Experienced Professionals

The team is here to guide you to resolve all your technical and mechanical issues regarding the internet or the modem.


Threat Detection

Our cyber security professionals will make sure your surfing experience is a safe and secured one.


Industry Standards Service

The price to performance ratio in this region is unmatched for NILO Fiber Net. Before us, it was not imaginable to see lightning-quick internet this cheap!


24x7 Helpline

Maintaining a healthy relationship between the service provider and the customer is key. We concentrate on keeping the relationship as healthy as possible.


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